Choose The Right Designer wedding gown And Accessories To Be The Most CHIC Bride

August 1, 2022 by No Comments

The wedding day is the most beautiful appearance of a girl, it is not defined by anyone, it only belongs to your own sparkle. Take a look at this wedding details guide to create a more dazzling moment for you!


01. Bow Tie Recovery Season


Through the three-dimensional tailoring of the large profile, the classic element bow is purely interpreted, and the most beautiful moment when the ribbon is pulled apart.

In a state where a three-dimensional bow naturally hangs down, it is interspersed with irregular skirts, and it is presented in a moment.

The trousers also seem to have entered the palace of the wedding, V-shaped open back, decorated with a small wedding accessories hong kong, sexy is not just a definition.


02. Ballet Fishbone Skirt


Audrey Hepburn, the goddess of grace, also had a ballet dancer’s dream.

Delicate embroidery beading and multi-layer soft yarn are combined with fishbone elements, presenting a simple and ethereal beauty.

When the light ballet skirt is combined with the beautiful designer wedding gown, the romance and the sacred are intertwined through the skirt, and the pearls are blended into the matching, giving a playful touch.


03. Palace Style Puff Sleeves


Rococo retro style has always been synonymous with elegance. Through lace, puff sleeves and other elements, it shows the soft and firm female power.

The hand-made lace creates a sense of hierarchy with meticulous texture, showing the simple and luxurious elegance of the wedding dance time.

There are also more possibilities in the choice of material for the dress. With bows and lace elements integrated into the shape, the wedding can also show a girlish feeling.


04. Minimalist Roman Style


Refined and blended with soft fabrics with architectural silhouettes, under the interpretation of cascading and smooth jewelry, it presents an elegant beauty and charm.

Minimalist clothing lines, embellished with lace elements, playful and cute are just right, designer wedding gownes can also be suitable for many occasions.

The oversized three-dimensional cut and the V-neckline are combined to exude the ultimate charm between the necks and present the beauty of the atmosphere.

Roland Mouret once said: “The designer wedding gown should not just be put in a suitcase after marriage, it should be a part of your daily life”

Small details are great, and a set of dresses can also create different personalities to witness every precious moment.