A Masterpiece English Version CV

October 29, 2021 by No Comments

Whether you want to find an internship at school or work in a foreign company in the future, a english resume is essential. However, do you really know how to write cv template to attract the attention of HR? Today, the assistant of the index job application will take everyone through the four common misunderstandings in the process of writing English resumes and see how to write English resumes more eye-catching?


01. English resume is the direct translation of Chinese resume

No no no. Compared with Chinese resumes, English resumes have a lot of emphasis, such as omitting the subject when describing your past experience and using strong action verbs at the beginning.

To express the same meaning, such as managing a group of 10 people, using Managed or Led a group of ten is better than using In charge of, Responsible for.

The former is more powerful and can highlight the initiative and execution of candidates. Although the latter looks long and tall, it actually doesn’t really express any meaning (like the phrases you used to make up the word count when you wrote the thesis?)

At the same time, don’t forget that these action verbs usually use the past tense (because they describe past achievements). Of course, if you are describing the work you are currently doing, you can also use the present tense (remember to add s).

02. Did you fill in the basic information correctly?

Chinese resumes often contain a lot of information about candidates, such as gender, age, birthday, height, marital status, political outlook, etc.

In contrast, the English resume is much more concise. The standard English resume only needs to include your name, contact information, including phone number, work email, and contact address in the header column (optional, depending on personal privacy considerations, you can tell HR whether it is convenient for you to go to work).

If you are applying for a large company in the name column, it is recommended to fill in the pinyin of the Chinese name on your ID to avoid errors when entering the information system. After all, the English name is more used as a daily nickname.

For the mobile phone number, remember to fill in the country code and separate every 3 to 4 digits with “()” or “-“. For work email, it is recommended to use Netease’s 163 mailbox in China. If you are abroad, you can use Microsoft Outlook or Google’s Gmail. If your alma mater is famous, you can also use the school mailbox, but remember not to use QQ mailbox.

03. Concise and clear sentences, avoid vagueness

Do you know the YRIS principle? YRIS=your resume is scanned, not read. (Your resume is for browsing, not for reading). Therefore, the content after each bullet point describing past experience should be contained within one line, at most two lines (if you have more things to tell HR, please write these words in the summary column of your resume or in the cover letter) .

At the same time, every work experience is recommended to use 3-6 bullet points to introduce your work content, the more recent work can be introduced in more detail. When describing work results, avoid using vague expressions such as several, many, a lot of, and some. Instead, use specific numerical indicators to quantify your work results, such as how much output has been achieved, how many people have been managed, and sales. How much is it, so it looks more intuitive.

04. Is it necessary to use gorgeous and tall layout for resumes?

Unless you work in the art and design industry, you don’t need it.

First of all, HR who read countless resumes have long been visually fatigued by all kinds of resumes. Therefore, HRs tend to favor resumes that allow them to quickly browse candidate information in a short time (within half a minute). At this time, a simple and generous black-and-white resume may be more in line with HR’s reading habits, and in the face of a colorful resume, HR may need more time to sort out the logic of the resume.

Secondly, in the face of massive resumes, many large companies will use the applicant tracking system (candidate management system) to extract and organize key information of candidates by filtering keywords, so as to find candidates with a high degree of matching with their positions.

According to statistics, 99% of Fortune 500 companies are using candidate management systems. At this time, a cover letter sample with a simple format is often convenient for the system to extract information and is not easy to make mistakes, while a fancy resume may have skipping lines and words and sentences extraction errors. Of course, you can also choose to prepare two gorgeous and concise resumes, one well-designed resume for Email to HR, and the other simple and elegant black and white resume for online application.